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April 1, 2011

Ministerial Briefing

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From the DoJ website, the new Minister’s briefing. Looking at the firearms section is interesting:

Ministerial Briefing 1Ministerial Briefing 2

Ministerial Briefing 3Ministerial Briefing 4

There are redactions above, the reasons for them were given in an appendix:

Justifications for redactions

The notes on the test cases in the High Court should seem fairly obviously important to centerfire pistol shooters, and the notes on the drafting of the Explosives Act should be of interest to those looking at handloading; it’s disappointing that the restatement of the Firearms Act that has been promised for so long isn’t on the document as a priority, but hopefully that won’t stop it being done, especially with the Law Reform Commission’s recommendation behind it; and equal hopes apply to seeing the muzzle energy limit for airguns raised to 7.5J.

It seems that it is still very much a wait-and-see time for target shooting at the moment.


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