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February 16, 2011

Maureen O’Sullivan (Ind, Dublin Central) policy on firearms

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Sent by email:

As an Olympic target shooter registered to vote in your  constituency, I’d like to ask for details on your policies and plans with regards to the Firearms Act, the handgun ban and private firearms ownership in Ireland.

Some specific questions on those policies include:

  • Have you plans to increase the current level of regulation or to roll back the current level in order to harmonise our regulations with other EU states?
  • Would you be willing to remove centerfire target pistols from the Restricted Firearms list, thus allowing them to be licenced again?
  • Would you be willing to deregulate target shooting airguns up to 7.5 Joules of muzzle energy as opposed to the current 1 Joule permitted under the Act in order to promote Olympic target shooting in Ireland?
  • Would you address the issues raised by medical associations regarding the application for a firearms licence and its implicit – but deemed insufficient by the GPs – granting of permission to Gardai to access medical records?
  • Would you be willing to widen the remit of the Firearms Consultation Panel, to make it a permanent body to facilitate access to technical expertise for the Department and to strengthen communications links between the target shooting sports governing bodies and the Department and the Gardai to ensure the smooth working of the Firearms Act?
  • What would you intend to do at a strategic level to alleviate the current problems with licencing which have resulted in nearly 200 cases being taken against Garda Superintendents in the District Courts at great expense to all?
  • Would you support a restatement of the Firearms Acts in order to address the deep complexity of the law at the present time (with 8 Firearms Acts, several Wildlife and Road Traffic Acts, more then 30 Statutory Instruments and 2 EU directives and their updates all having to be read in conjunction with one another to determine the current laws relating to firearms in Ireland?

I would also like to invite you to engage with the target shooting and hunting community on to discuss these matters. With some 200,000 licenced firearms owners in the state, I think such engagement would be appropriate during the election campaign.


Received in reply:

I do not know enough about the subject so I don’t want to try reply to your questions without any real understanding of the issue. I does sound from your e mail that there are serious aspects to the matter.  Obviously if you are training for the Olympics, every support should be provided.
Maureen O’Sullivan


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