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October 14, 2010

Questions and Answers…

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As was previously mentioned here, Joe Costello, the chairman of the SSAI, will be holding a meeting for all those who have expressed their concerns in this manner on any matter, any rumour they have heard, any supposed fact that causes them unease, any case in which they think they have been treated unfairly by their shooting representatives, even any story they have heard of any ‘Deal’ that has been done to disadvantage them in order to hear them all, to answer them all and to once and for all end the cancer of mistrust that eats away at our will to work together.

This meeting is to be held in the Heritage Hotel, Portlaoise, starting at 1100 on this Sunday morning (17/10/10).

While this invitation made to the NASRPC was open mainly to NASRPC members, it was not the only invitation to this event that was extended, and others will also attend the meeting. Those wishing to attend who have not at this late date been invited should contact Joe Costello directly at to ask for an invitation.

An invitation was extended to myself for the purposes of publicising the outcome of the meeting, so expect a report on the meeting both here and on, either late on Sunday or early next week.


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