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September 9, 2010

Why the Firearms Acts can’t be fixed overnight

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Every so often (and by which I mean approximately once every ten days or so), a complainant talking about the Firearms Acts and their draconian requirements on the shooting sports will propose what engineering courses call a first order solution. By which I mean, a relatively simple and easy-to-comprehend measure which addresses the large majority of the problem. And, usually in the same sentence, the complainant wonders why this solution cannot be adopted since it is so easy to comprehend.

While I’m not willing to say that there are no cases in Irish Firearms law where a small, simple change could benefit large numbers of people for minimal investment of Ministerial or Departmental time and at minimal risk (because there are such cases, and I could name three or four without much consideration); it would behove those who present such simple solutions to take four minutes out of their day and read the following post by Steve Yegge. While it uses a specific example from computer programming, the specifics of the example do not affect the well-explained generality of his point, and frankly, this ought to be required reading of anyone curious about solutions to the problems shooting in Ireland faces at the moment. Don’t let it’s somewhat off-putting title dissuade you from spending the four to six minutes it should take to read it…

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