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December 17, 2009 and consequences

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So far today, we have had to pass on our thoughts three seperate times on the topic of why we were preventing the use of as a free place to advertise and drum up support for YAFG, the group we mentioned in our last post. Perhaps some efficiency could be achieved by simply stating our reasoning in public. The decision was made on three grounds:

  1. There are two extant legal campaigns being run by the NARGC and NASRPC, with a degree of cooperation between them. A third party here serves no purpose but ego and can only dilute efforts and scarce resources, thus harming the end goal.
  2. The founder of this new group has threatened more than once with spurious legal action; he has thus forfeited any right to post there, as well as any support the site might have offered him had he not taken that action. As a side point arising from this, any criticism of him or his efforts in any thread would be something he couldn’t respond to, and that would be unfair, so we simply don’t permit the topic.
  3. The track record involved here strongly suggests that any effort made will simply do harm to the overall shooting community in the short, medium and long terms, both through incompetence and through the founder’s reputation preceding the group into meetings of any kind with the Powers That Be. This runs completely counter to the personal preferences of the moderators and to the motive behind the forum in the first place – namely to promote Irish shooting.

The efficacy of this group in light of the track record we mentioned in our last post is also something to be called into question.

You would be far better served, in our honest – if somewhat blunt – opinion, by putting your support behind the NASRPC or NARGC, who are already taking court cases in this area with a defined strategy, than some random talking shop set up by someone who has demonstrated repeatedly both an inability and an unwillingness to get the job done.


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