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March 16, 2009

The usual suspects get shouty

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Seems that there are different versions of the original email now flying about, trying to whip up support for the unsupportable:

From: Cal Ward
Sent: 14 March 2009 23:51:14

A meeting of the Shooting Sports federation of Ireland will be held in Abbeyleix at 1pm on Saturday March 21st. This will address the legal
and other difficulties facing the shooting community. Shooters from all disciplines and organisations are encouraged to attend. 
The Shooting Sports Federation of Ireland is a new umbrella body for shooting organisations. Legal representation will be present to advise 
on relevant matters.

There is considerable disquiet among the shooting community, it is proposed to form a new association to represent the grass roots shooters 
of the country and in particular stand ready to challenge any unjust legislation brought forward without consultation by way of legal 

Your support would be much appreciated, please come along to the meeting at least to voice your opinion on current matters. It is intended 
to have the new association open to all organisation, clubs associations and individuals.

Cal Ward
Long Range Rifle Association of Ireland

Considerable disquiet? I’d have to agree with that, though I’d add that it’s been at a level exceeding Considerable for about six years now amongst the more alert and curious shooters, who must surely have some interesting questions for the proposed new organisation being mooted here.

After all, when there are already more than one or two shooting associations out there which act as umbrella groups (the Shooting Sports Association of Ireland comes to mind, as does the Firearms Consultation Panel it sits on with all of the other stakeholders in the Firearms Acts); and when the grassroots have access to a free forum in where anyone can post anonymously (so long as they don’t libel someone) and have their posts seen by the DoJ, Gardai, and all the NGBs of the shooting sports in Ireland; the question of added value does present itself most naturally.


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